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Luke 9:6

6 So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere. (Luke 9:6)

Surely, March was a memorial between our eyes for the Lord with His majesty and excellency has led our way: it was a very fruitful month for our overseas ministry. At the beginning of March, we went to Daya Bay in Guangdong to pray and help set up a prayer altar there. More God-loving and passionate intercessors will soon emerge in procession in the Greater Bay Area to pray for the blessing of the nation, the people, and the region. Yes, it will be resounded by our holy marching band in heaven, with much assurance, I would declare in the name of our Lord.

In mid-March, I visited Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province. By faith, I wait unto the Lord for the second great revival of Shandong Province.  I believe faith shall be in sight soon. In addition, we also visited the Confucius Temple and learned that Confucianism has a far-reaching influence, and that God will use our prayers to bring Christ's culture farther afield. Afterwards, we flew to Shanghai to minister, We give thanks without ceasing for our brethren, who has such an ardent thirst for the Lord. .We bear witness how they desire for the most glorious God to hear from them, speak with them, answer their prayer, have intimate communion with them, in sweet fellowship with them abiding in Christ.  Our beloved counterparts, in the most prosperous city, are yearning for the blessedness of prayer fellowship with God. 

And we received vision from God about the great coming revival in Asia and to pray for peace in the South China Sea, so that peace would abound in the region where we live.


At the end of March, a group of 12 of us left again for a short-term mission trip to Gapan, Philippines (for training, visitation, participation in the 8th Anniversary Church Celebration and Apostolic Center Dedication) . We all bear witness for the power of the Lord! How he bless the poor of this world but rich in faith, that has come abroad unto all of us.


March 31, 2024 was another day the Lord has made for us at Sunrise as we opened our first property, the Apostolic Center in Gapan, Philippines, with 145 people in attendance, including the architects who provided their services free of charge, the pastor of another church, and many guests, youths, and children, worshipping God! From Gapan, our brethren would sound out the word of God from now on..

Thank you again for your support and prayers! Here is the Apostolic Center for discipleship! Hallelujah to the King of kings , Lord of lords.  The parade that began at Calvary, kept moving on in various part of Asia in the month of March.…The Lord has made His wonderful deeds to be remembered.  His praise endure forever.



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