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Reading the Word of God is too good!

   Recently, I was successful in contacting two young men at their twenties.  One of them I get to know him through distributing of leaflet, he has low self-esteem.  Although recently he has joined church fellowship, but he could not feel the presence of God mentioned by brothers and sisters.  Another young man was the son of a sister, he has always been resistant to God and thinks that what he asks for cannot be helped by ordinary people.  He is a very sophisticated person.  


   God inspired me and taught me how to communicate with them, i.e. to meet with them and teach them how to read God’s word.  Thank God!  I met with them individually and read the Word and shared with them what is God pleasing attitude.  We took turn to read a chapter, and then share feeling of a particular verse.  Then I encouraged them to open their mouth to pray, very simple.  It is most important to allow the word of God to touch their heart.  Everybody has their problems in life and real life situation which I cannot solve for them, but God can.   Read God’s word carefully and God will inspire people how to pray!

   The young man who cannot sense the presence of God, witnessed that after he read the Word and prayed, he sensed the presence of God!  The other young man who thinks in a sophisticated way, expressed that he wanted to continue to learn to read God’s word.  Thank God!


   “Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye.” Proverb 7:2


   We must be careful and cherish God’s word.  God wants us to know His eternity and survive by obeying his command.  God’s command should guide our heart so that we can truly enter into the eternity of God!  Amen!




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