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Rise Up all of us for Revival

In October, the grade 8 typhoon signal was the third time in the past 25 years. This time, the grade 8 typhoon signal was hoisted during the day for a total of 14 hours, and there is a full day of rest. Our co-workers rushed to check, close and stick properly all the windows before leaving the office. I saw them resting at home but continue to follow up on their work online. I appreciate them very much and they always give their best efforts all the time. Ecclesiastes 4:12, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." God's design for creating man is for man to bless others, not to isolate him from others, fighting alone does not necessarily bring any power. The book of Ecclesiastes said that the cord of three strands is not easy to break. I am very grateful that Sunrise has a very good team and has been doing its best to make efforts and contributions to the development of the church and ministry. In the past, the development of Shenzhen,

Philippines ' missionary, the development of Macau, etc., until now developing grassroots work of the MRC community. From January to September this year, 70 people have been baptized in the name of our Lord. I am very grateful for the commitment of our co-workers. We really need to pray more to support the continued.

After the end of October 1st Hong Kong Day of Prayer, our co-workers still have to follow up many works, and then we must continue to put efforts to advance the revival. The establishment of a revival prayer meeting in the church is an important matter, not for one more meeting, but revival! Brothers and Sisters, as a member of the Sunrise, you should be well prepared. Your participation is to contribute to the revival of the church. We gather together to pray in unity are very precious! Under the relaxation of physical gatherings, we should cherish the opportunity to attend the revival prayer meeting.

We live in this world not to serve ourselves, but to serve God and others. Only this can bring eternal results and gain the value of God's kingdom. We can hear the gospel and have salvation. Didn't someone serve us first? Behind it is the result of how many people prayed for us. Rise! Rise! Our hearts must rise! Pray that the Lord grant us the fire of revival and the spirit of prayer, and pray for the revival of the church! Amen.

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