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The Breadth and Depth of Reverential Humility in Christ

Three years ago, came God’s message unto the direction of my future ministry through a series of marvelous events. That is to minister humbly and plowing quietly behind the scenes in reverence unto the Lord. Therefore, at that time, I thought that the direction of my ministry was not to be on the front line of pastoral care and missions, but to play a role in promoting missions in organizations and churches. I thought the Lord has so commanded these concerning me. Now it came to pass, however, God brought me into encounter with Him.  He communed with we. And I realized how very little do I understand about   the breadth and depth of "serving humbly" at the time.  Then the Lord gave me understanding about humility in Christ as much as I am capable of receiving. 

The breadth of "humble service"  includes  its scope. It is not only about doing substantive work behind the scenes without seeking to be seen. But it also includes operation of spiritual realm, such as city-wide pray walk , and in various arenas. Though small and very often unknown, but the Lord gave power for these operation in the spiritual realm.

The depth of "serving humbly" lies not only in one's willingness to confess one's own sins and weaknesses, but also in one's willingness to practice humility, lay down, deny ourselves.  Let our preconceived notions die unto the Lord. But listen to the views of those whom one does not agree with in order to learn from them what is worth learning unto Christ.


Brethrens,  we must pursue and profess humility in Him. "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you." (Jas 4:10), Do purpose in your heart to study carefully about humility and the lowliness of Jesus.  For the essence of humility is really worth discovering and practicing as this is the distinct and repeated instructions Jesus gave unto His disciples.



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