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The Potter of Life

   Several days ago, as my wife was praying and asked God how was my spiritual life, she saw God was stirring a bucket of cement. In that bucket of cement, a stick was removed. When I heard that, I feel that the essential elements of my spiritual life were ready. It is like the elements for diluting cement—cement powder, water, the person who stirs the cement, and cement bucket. It was all ready, water was added to cement powder. All is needed is to remove the stick. It will be stirred as God please and then it will be used. When life is stirred, it is painful. The process of being used by God is not easy. But when the cement can be used to build a small house for people to live, it is glorious.

coin belongs to you!

   Tonight, as I thought about this again, I discover that whenever I think about my spiritual condition, I do not need to be discouraged or proud. Because if I feel like a pile of mud, I’m better than ever, I am a bucket of cement. All the elements of our spiritual life are ready. Water is added, waiting to be used by God. If I feel I am a good pastor, I shall discover I still need to be molded by God. It is only a bucket of cement to be stirred before it can be used to build a small house. Also, although it was started to be used to build house, it still needs to be constantly stirred so that it will not solidify, otherwise it will lose its effect. If we are to be used by God continually, we have to be willing to be stirred.

   I am a bucket of cement with all the essential elements of spiritual life but still chaotic and still need to be stirred by God. What about you?



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