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Think about the Father's House

    The theme of this month's is "Mission Leadership". The simple definition is that the mission is the guide of life, with clear goal , and the whole life is running towards the set mission. If a life without mission, we will spend time in vain every day. Are we grow older, and your stature, wisdom, and heart that pleases God may still be the same the ten years ago?

  Jesus is the best example of "mission leadership", whether it's 30 years of growth or 3 years of preaching, he works every day for the mission given to him from the Father.

  “After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. 47 Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. “ (Luke 2:46-47)

  Jesus knew his mission on Earth since he was young. He had been preparing for his mission throughout his youth. His knowledge and eloquence of Jesus’ preaching was the result of his years of dedicated learning and being close to the Father. There was no shortcut for him even though he was the son of God. How much more do we have to put in the hard work and dedication in preparing ourselves for the will of God in our lives. Humility is absolutely necessary to continually learn and submit to our leaders and teachers. And Jesus, who was only twelve years old at the time, also showed us that there is no age difference in knowing and walking out our mission. Whether it be young or old, we all have our unique calling from God. It is vital that we take the time to seek the Father of our mission in order to prepare ourselves accordingly. Only then would we be equipped enough to build the body of Christ.

  Just imagine. If Jesus did not recognize his mission, did not prepare himself, and used his age as an excuse not to study hard, he would not have been able to accomplish the work of preaching and training disciples for three years. It would be utterly meaningless to come to earth.

  Thank you God that Jesus has exemplified "mission leadership" perfectly. Brothers and sisters, may we all priorities the Father's business together; come to the Father and receive the mission that the Father has given to each of us. Be devoted to preparing ourselves for the mission of the kingdom of heaven, so that we will not spend our time on Earth in vain and full of regret.



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