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What is a family, and who are the family members?

  Family is a sanctuary that we can hide in when we are in trouble.

  Family may not be perfect, but when you need it, it will always be what you need, nothing more and nothing less.

  Family members are the one who build the family. Without family members, it is just a lifeless building.

  Family members, even if someone makes mistakes again and again, you will forgive and tolerate, and pray for him unceasingly.

  I come from a single parent family. The divorce of my parents made me lose confidence in building relationships between people. I still remember that when I first came to Sunrise, I built a wall for myself, so that no one could cross it. I was a cold guy, and a tough groupmate. In 2017, my dad had heart failure and the doctors estimated that my father had not much time left. At that time, I was so weak that I didn't even have the strength to pray, and I just found it annoying when others tried to care about me.

  One night, I was invited to a small group meeting. A sister prayed for me, and her voice was so soft that I couldn't hear anything. But my tears kept falling, and at that moment it seemed like the emptiness in my heart was filled. I deeply felt that God's love was revealed to me through this sister. It was on this day that I found that God broke the little remaining walls I had left, allowing me to truly feel the love and warmth of this spiritual home.

  Dear brothers and sisters, each of us is a family member who builds the spiritual home of Sunrise! We are there to give a helping hand when family members are in need. When our family is in need, we need to offer great help together; no matter money, prayers, manpower or resources. We give, not because we are rich, capable or staying here for long. It is just because this is our home, it is God who leads us into this family, and it is God who wants us to grow in this family. The process may be full of challenges and tears, but God knows the price we paid. One day, He will touch our heads in secret and say to us, "I see your dedication, thank you for your willingness to build my family!"



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